Ariana Grande - 34+35 (official video)

17 nov. 2020
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The official “34+35” music video by Ariana Grande. Listen & download Positions (the album) here:
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Directed by Director X
Official “34+35” Lyrics:
You might think I’m crazy
The way I been craving
If I put it quite plainly
Just gimme them babies
So what you doing tonight?
Better say doing you right
Watching movies but we aint seen a thing tonight
I don’t wanna keep you up
But show me can you keep it up
‘Cause then I’ll have to keep you up
Shit maybe I’mma keep you up, boy
I been drinking coffee
And I been eating healthy
You know I keep it squeaky
Saving up my energy
Can you stay up all night
Fuck me til the daylight
34 35
Can you stay up all night
Fuck me til the daylight
34 35
You drink it just like water
You say it taste like candy
So what you doing tonight?
Better say doing you right
Watching movies but we aint seen a thing tonight
I don’t wanna keep you up
But show me can you keep it up
‘Cause then I’ll have to keep you up
Shit maybe I’mma keep you up, boy
I been drinking coffee
And I been eating healthy
You know I keep it squeaky
Saving up my energy
Can you stay up all night
Fuck me til the daylight
34 35
Can you stay up all night
Fuck me til the daylight
34 35
Baby you might need a seatbelt when I ride it
I’mma leave it open like a door, come inside it
Even though I’m wifey you can hit it like a side chick
Don’t need no side dick, no
Got the neighbors yelling earthquake
4.5 when I make the bed shake
Put it down heavy even though it’s lightweight
Yeah we started at midnight
Go til the sunrise
Done at the same time
But who’s counting the time when we got it for life
I know all your favorite spots
We can take it from the top
You such a dream come true true
Make a bitch wanna hit snooze ooh
Can you stay up all night
Fuck me til the daylight
34 35
Can you stay up all night
Fuck me til the daylight
34 35
Means I wanna 69 witcha
Aww shit
#ArianaGrande #positions #34+35
Music video by Ariana Grande performing 34+35. © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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